Frcccs Sa., 22.01.2016 Konzert Fröcccs

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The unique jazz band Fröccs was formed by two young musicians Gábor Weisz and István Rózsa in 2006 in Budapest. The boys both graduated at the Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music, Gábor graduated at the faculty of jazz, while István learned classical music. The story of the band started at the dusty loft of a music school, where the friends found a dingy instrument so called helikon. István who is a professional tuba player was impressed by this musical treasure and immediately tried the old instrument, which is the big brother of tuba. They started a jam session with Gábor, whose saxophone’s play energized the inert copper and thanks to the two music lovers the old helikon came to a new life again. Since then this old helikon is essential part of Fröccs. Fröccs established itself as the part of Hungarian contemporary jazz scene, regularly playing in jazz clubs and pubs. Fröccs is a young, energetic, funny and open-minded jazz formation inspired by the real and impressive jazz gurus, performed by two professional music gourmands Gábor Weisz (saxophone) and István Rózsa (helikon).

Die beiden sind Mitglieder des Orchesters der Feuerwehr.

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